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Purchases with Purpose

Here are a few of my favorite (and most recent) purchases with a purpose. These are websites where you can purchase anything from clothing to accessories, while helping those in need or various charities. Punjammies a.k.a Sudara

When I first purchased from this company, they were known as Punjammies. Since then, not only has their catalog has grown, and even the amount of women and girls they help is growing. They give these women, a way out of human trafficking and dangerous streets, by teaching them a new skill of sewing.

Each pair of pajama pants is made of 100% cotton and sewn by one of these courageous women. I was very excited to receive my punjammies in the mail. They are soft, very vibrant colors and patterns and are still in great condition, wash after wash. Per their website : The contributions that come from our supporters, fans and advocates allow us to provide housing and education for both the women and their children. These two sides of our business work hand in hand, and both are essential to creating a pathway for women to escape from sexual slavery and live in freedom.



You've probably already heard of TOMS but they are still worth mentioning, just in case you haven't and also in need of new shoes (or even sunglasses!) They have pretty comfortable canvas shoes, and for every purchase they donate a pair to a child in need. Check out their website below if you want to take a look.


Figs (scrubs and medical apparal)

This one isn't one I purchased, but I did find it is something my roommate (and nurse) would like. Anyone in the medical field out there will love the functional wear and durability of the scrubs, plus, they give one to a healthcare provider in need around the world. Check out the site below.




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