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Lifestyle Changes Week 1

I debated posting about my various changes that I am making to my life, to better my situation. I know the internet can be dark and full of trolls, so I tend to steer clear of commenting or posting anything remotely related to my weight or OCD.

I started thinking, someone may be able to use this to start their own plan, or help them know they are not alone with their anxiety battle. (You are awesomesauce!)

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So, I am going to lay it out, trying to speak a little more free each time I post. I gotta get used to this first :D Slowly but surely.

The first change that I made, are my eating habits. Typical fat girl, (soon to be ex fat girl) post I know, but I know there is someone that may enjoy my journey, while they are one theirs.

So far in week 1, I have lost 5 pounds, from my starting point at 190lbs. Yikes! At 5'0 I had it, I just couldn't keep that much weight on my body, and with the family history of diabetes, no thanks!

I will go into more depth with what has been working for me, exercise and eating wise, and so much more. I will continue to track my weight and various changes throughout this blog, so stay with me for the ride!

I also quit smoking, cold turkey as they say, for 5 whole days! Woot woot!

Alright, that is all for now, gotta go make my protein shake and get my sweaty workout on. Zumba!





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