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Crafty Day

Went to Michael's Crafts yesterday to get some inspiration for a craft day and then thought of making a rug. I have never made one before, so I had no clue were to start.

I did a quick Youtube search and saw a few tutorials, including one using T-shirts for the rug. I decided against that, since I do not want to cut up any of my t-shirts and ended up buying yarn, and a rug canvas.

For the colors of yarn, I decided to do a Mario Bros. style rug, of Mario himself. I will be using this pixel photo:

Basically, I am taking the rug canvas, since it has perfect squares like this Mario template, and marking where it will start and end. You can see the square layout on the rug canvas below, to see what I am talking about. I am currently working on the top of the hat in red. It is taking a long time to tie each piece of yarn by hand, so on my next trip to the craft store, I am going to get the hook to make the rug. haha I forgot to buy it initially.

I will show progress as I go!




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