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Crucial Tips for Crocheting and Other Yarn Projects

Here are some of the links I've used so far for Crocheting, Latch Hook, and other yarn projects. I want to save you time, by giving you the resources that helped me when I made mistake after mistake.

Check out the great tutorial from Dream a Little Bigger Blog to weave in the ends of your crocheting project. The well detailed pictures and explanation helped me when all other tutorials confused me. There are other ways to weave in the ends of your project, but I have used this one so far.

This site, Left Source, lets you make your own latch hooking pattern for your project. Just upload your photos, adjust the colors and download the pattern for free.

The patterns are even in color, which helps ensure you are using the correct yarn.

This RedHeart page has photos and instructions for the V Stitch that is commonly used in beginners tutorials for scarves and cowls. I was having a hard time finding photos to help me get this stitch just right, but this site is the best for me so far.

This page for Craft Yarn Council has a great list of the abbreviations on crochet patterns as well as knitting and other yarn works. This one is extremely helpful since it also has diagrams.

Vogue Knitting Basics

This page on Vogue Knitting has so much to offer knitters and crocheters! So much basic info including picking the best yarn!




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