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Ultimate Travel List

Here I have listed, (at least the list for now), the places I want to travel to before I die. This is a small list now, as I am just starting to travel to wider distances.

I was a flight attendant before, for a small no name airline, but never took advantage of any travel possibilities abroad. I will take my chances now, and am even considering to get back into being on a flight crew again! Hopefully a great airline will take me, I was 20 years old when I became a flight attendant previously and it only lasted a year. Hey, I was young and dumb, and my mother became ill later that year.

I am much more prepared, especially from what I have learned from working at my current job at a visa and passport expediting company. This includes the travel arrangements that will need to be made, like visas, necessary permits ect., before traveling internationally.

Check out my travel bucket list, keep in mind, this list will grow as I learn and travel.

Adventure Awaits!

I just began checking out Uruguay and learning about the South American country. The country itself is one of the most liberal in that region and tons of great architecture, as the photo pictured above. I would want to check out Montevideo and the beaches of Uruguay.

I would love to go to India, for the Holi festival of colors! So beautiful and so many traditional dancers. I would love to see it. Being a US citizen, I would need to get the visa before I go, but not to worry, I got this! :D

Even though I cannot pronounce the city, street or volcano names, I would still love to check out all Iceland has to offer. Considering it is small in population, I think Iceland would be a tranquil vacation, complete with hot springs next to a volcano!

Japan has always been on my list of places to visit before I die. I really wish I could see Geisha still in Kyoto, but I know that may no longer be a tradition with modern times. Definitely going to Tokyo for shopping, food and Kimono.

I want to go to Australia, even though, I hear, they have the most frightening insects around. I would love to check out Perth or Sydney, especially the Opera House. While I am not a hiker, I would also want to get outdoors, even just to take a few beautiful shots of nature.

As I begin to travel, when I hit any of these destinations, I will post both here and on Instagram.

Been to these places before? Have any travel tips to share? Comment below!

World travelers unite!




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