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10 Nifty Crafts for Fall and Halloween Using Hot Glue

10 Nifty Crafts for Fall and Halloween Using Hot Glue

While searching for DIY inspiration for Halloween, I wandered upon all sorts of uses for hot glue. Since I just bought my glue gun and have been wanting to use it, I gathered a list of tutorials to try out. They all seem to be cheap, easy and cute for the fall / Halloween season.

I will post photos as I try some of these DIY projects using hot glue.

paint and hot glue pumpkin decor

Very simple tutorial for decorating pumpkins, using hot glue and chalk paint. I have seen the same technique done on mason jars as well.

Spiderweb garland using hot glue

This seems extremely easy for a beginner project. This tutorial could even be used to make snowflake garland for winter.

Hot Glue Blood Drip earrings

I wish I still had all of my jewelry making supplies. I may have to buy it all again, just to make these earrings.

Skull DIY Candles using Hot Glue

These are so neat for Halloween, I am definitely trying out this tutorial. I don't have skulls so I think I will make them smaller but with spiders.

Spell book tutorial using Hot glue

This DIY project would be perfect for Harry Potter cosplay and decorations too!


Cool way to decorate your spice rack!

spider web vase using hot glue and paint

Super cheap, most supplies you can find at the dollar store. Like many of the other tutorials, you can make snowflakes as well for winter decor.


This project you can use for eccentric decor around your home, or for cosplay, especially anyone wanting to play Daenerys.


Super cheap wand that you can make for Harry Potter style decor or cosplay.

Ice Queen Mask Tutorial

This is a detailed video tutorial on how to make an ice queen style mask for Halloween and cosplay. This same technique could be used for a spider web mask as well.






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