Ctrl + Alt + Del Coasters - Tutorial

Like I stated before, I have been obsessed with Mr. Robot, and have been coming up with different ideas for computer geek and hacker inspired crafts.

Mr Robot Inspired Geek Coasters

Well, here is another one, this time, Ctrl Alt Del coasters!

I have included different ways to make these coasters below, along with alternate products you can use.

Ctrl + Alt + Del coasters!

Materials needed:

-Mod Podge (I use Dishwasher safe because I have noticed it dries less tacky and is, at least, water resistant)

-Coaster cork (or you can buy cork sheets and cut them to coaster size)

-E6000 glue (you can use Mod Podge if you do not have this glue)

-White Card Stock

-Exacto Knife or Scissors