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DIY 3D Butterfly Wall Decal Tutorial

Check out the 3D butterfly decal tutorial, fully customizable, since you can choose any card stock to match your room decor.

DIY Tutorial 3D butterfly decals

Here's what you need:

-colored card stock. I chose 2 colors but you can choose as many as you like. Maybe a rainbow theme or even patterned card stock.

-scissors, exacto knife or dye cut machine. (I used my Cricut machine)

3d butterfly wall decals DIY tutorial

removable mounting squares

Cut the mounting squares in half and in fourths to make thin strips


Use the above butterfly silhouettes to trace or cut out of your color card stock.


Lightly fold both wings as pictured above.


Attach the strips of mounting tape on the body of the butterfly. Now they are ready to stick to the wall!


Stick them to the wall in a random or custom pattern. Possibilities are endless! Great for the nursery too!


DIY 3D Butterfly Wall Decor

All done!





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