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The 5 Best Ways To Learn Spanish From Youtube

I have been studying Spanish for over 10 years. This includes, 3 years of high school Spanish and a whole lot of time trying different software like Rosetta Stone and spending money. I have finally put my foot down and decided, I will learn Spanish!

I do enjoy apps like Duolingo but my biggest hurdle with learning any language (I study too many :D) is comprehending what is said. I can read and write Spanish, pretty well, but I get nervous when a native speaker starts a conversation with me. This is where I have found Youtube helpful.

Here are my favorite ways, so far, to learn Spanish on Youtube:

Why Not Spanish

Why Not Spanish is my favorite so far. I really love their videos and I find it easy to understand Maria, which builds my confidence and my listening skills. She also interviews Spanish speakers from different countries, so you can listen to the different accents. It helps that the videos are also funny and Maria and Cody are a very cute couple.


Easy Languages This series covers the basics with questions and answers to help you build vocabulary. There are also subtitles on every video in English and Spanish.


Easy Spanish

This channel is related to the channel above, Easy Languages. I feel that this channel is a little more challenging. I love that he tours Mexico and talks to the locals!


Super Holly

The videos in this channel are super helpful and, once I am confident, I am going to watch her videos where she teaches English. The video below is learning Spanish with viral videos. Pretty neat!


Maria Español I have found that the videos on this channel are a fantastic addition to my listening resources. Not only does she have lessons, like the video below, but she also has videos of past group lessons. The group lessons help me correct mistakes I have been making.


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