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8 Easy Ways to Learn a Language Without Even Thinking About It


Here are some very easy ways to learn your target language without taking much time at all. There are ways to passively learn a language, for free!

  • Change the language on your phone or tablet.

Such an easy way to learn new vocabulary words, especially related to technology and social media. Take it a step further and change the language on your favorite social media app.

  • While you are busy doing something, watch films or listen to music in your target language.

Listening to your target language, even in the background during your day, is very helpful when you are trying to improve your language learning ear! This helps to include your target language in everything that you do.

  • Turn the subtitles to your target language.

If you just can't watch your favorite shows in your target language just yet, at least turn on the subtitles in your target language. This way, you can learn new vocabulary while being able to understand the show.

  • Buy ingredients and snacks from your target language / country.

One fun way that I found to learn new vocabulary as well as learning about the food and snacks from the country of origin. Check out this Mexican Snack Box!

  • Translate random words into your target language while you read.

This helps to learn more vocabulary, without even thinking about it. Use an app like Read Lang or Mind the Word to translate random words while you read online. Read Lang even saves words and adds them to flashcards!

  • Reread your favorite books in your target language.

It is especially helpful to reread a children's book or something easier, like some young adult novels first.

  • Watch tutorials and content in your target language.

What I do, is I first watch a tutorial in my native language, then, I watch a different tutorial in my target language. This way, I am able to learn new vocabulary, relevant to the things that I am interested in learning.

  • Speak your target language whenever you can!

I know it's scary, but the best way you are going to learn a language is through actually using it. If you are still too scared to speak your target language out in public, talk to yourself! Yes, talk out loud to yourself. Start off by trying to translate phrases that you are thinking into your target language. When you are unsure, look it up! Before you know it, you will translate less and less in your head!

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