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Ideas to Fill Up Your Sketchbook Fast!

I thought I would share a few ways that I get ideas when I have artist's block. Hope this helps!

  • Random Word Generator not only generates random words but there is also a Pictionary option, where you can generate random colors, places, art styles and more! Personally, I will generate 2 random words, 2 random colors and a random art style to fill up a page of my sketchbook. Sometimes the combinations are odd but it helps to stretch your skills.

  • Another idea I use is I take a quotation book (or use the random quote generator online) and I randomly open to a page and point at the first quote I see. Use that quote as inspiration!

  • Still not able to spark your creativity? Just scribble! Scribble a few lines on your page and then use those shapes to create a character or scene. I usually stare at the scribbles for a few minutes to see what I can draw using the abstract shapes.

Do you have any tips to cure artist's block? Leave a comment below.





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