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TV Show & Movie Doodles

In order to improve my drawing skills, I have been trying to get inspiration to draw as much as I can. So, I have been doodling while I am watching my favorite shows. Not only does this help to combat artists block (also check out my Ideas to Fill Up Your Sketchbook Fast), I am able to test out markers, pens and pencils, as well as work on typography. I basically turn on Netflix or Hulu and doodle away!

For these doodles, I used Arteza Inkonic Pens. I personally have the 24 pack. These markers are perfect for the tiny doodles that I did for the shows. Arteza has sales all the time, so check out their line of markers and pens.

So far, my favorite show to doodle is Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Here are my other doodle pages so far

New Girl:

Legally Blonde:

Golden Girls:

They are not perfect doodles, but they were so much fun!

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