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Lamp and Vinyl Project Fail!

So I just bought a cheap desk lamp from Target, and decided to dress it up with some vinyl. I was using my cricut machine to cut the flowers in a nice plum red. But then, it didn't work...

I weeded the vinyl (so far so good!)

Cut and ready to apply

And nothing...

So I even tried on my laptop and my wall, and nothing.

The culprit? The transfer paper I purchased from Cricut, was just too sticky so that the vinyl, no matter what, would not transfer onto the surface of the lamp shade.

Craft day fail!

But it's okay, now I know to keep purchasing the transfer paper I usually buy from Amazon. I just hate not having any on hand.

Hopefully, this helps anyone that likes to work with vinyl and dye cuts from failing at this as well.

If you would like to use this shape, here is the .png file to upload in Cricut Design Space.

free flower png for cricut and dye cut machines




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