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Magic the Gathering Deck Box Tutorial

I have been playing Magic the Gathering more lately and needed deck boxes to keep my different decks separated. I found Deck Boxes that most players use, but wanted something a little more creative, without spending a fortune.

magic the gathering deck box tutorial

Turn to Mod Podge! Give your Magic, Pokemon or other card deck style! This tutorial will show you how to turn your plain deck box into a work of art.

You will need:

Mod Podge Matte (you can use the Mod Podge for fabric, but I only had Matte on hand)

  • -fine tip pen

  • -sponge brush

  • -Exacto Knife

  • -Scissors

  • -Scraps of fabric or paper to cover deck box

  • -acrylic paint or oil pen in white (optional)

First, I traced all sides of the deck box with a fine tip pen. Then, I cut out all pieces.


You can cut the fabric around each side with a sharp exacto knife or scissors. I used a combo of both, using an exacto knife for the tiny pieces.


Starting with one side, I applied Mod Podge then laid the fabric down, smoothing the fabric in place. Do this to each side piece until all fabric is covering the box.


Once all fabric is placed and dry, I brushed another coat of Mod Podge over the entire box, to seal everything.


Optional, I used a small paint brush with white paint to name the deck for this box. You can also use an oil based Sharpie.


Magic the Gathering Stylish DIY Deck Box, All Finished!





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