Left My Heart In San Francisco

I arrived back in Denver, yesterday afternoon, and I already miss San Francisco. I had a wonderful time, which I am posting here, and on Instagram (check out the photos below!) Ryan, my roommate and I, went for the weekend for his 28th birthday.

We left the apartment, making our way to the airport, around 9:15 AM. Attempting to save as much money as possible, we headed towards our bus stop about half a mile away. We accidentally took the wrong bus (luckily I noticed before we were too far) and got out. Then, we just sucked it up and booked a Lyft.

With that snag out of the way, the flight was on time, and we arrived in San Francisco in about 4 episodes of New Girl.

Our first night, we went to Golden Gate Bridge and China Town. It was foggy most of our trip, with very little sunlight and our time at the Golden Gate Bridge was suuuper cold and windy. China Town was perfect and just what I imagined. So many stores and bought so many little souvenirs to bring home. We had dinner that night at Z&Y Restaurant, where I ordered the whole grilled fish. I ordered it sans spice, but I regretted it, since it definitely needed that flavor. All in all, a really great experience and lots off food! We ended the night with a Buddha beer at Buddha Lounge at the end of China Town.

On Saturday, we made our way to Pier 39 for the seals and then on to Coit Tower for a fantastic 360 view of the Bay area. Super windy, cold and foggy, I managed to get a few pictures. Then, we got on a bus to Mission for a good Mission burrito at Pancho Villa Taq