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10 Upcycle Craft Tutorials (using items you probably already have)

Check out this list of 10 up-cycle craft tutorials to make this week using items you probably have around your home or items you can purchase at the dollar store. Decorate them in winter or holiday colors for inexpensive home decor.

All very savvy and cute!

10 upcycle craft tutorials


Craft stick bracelets

I have seen this type of tutorial before, but this one, creates super cute bracelets without looking tacky.


I am going to try this next time I empty a bottle of wine. Might be this weekend. :D


Very creative tutorial using mason jar lids to make a clean or dirty sign for your dishwasher.


This is a very thrifty way to organize your desk at work, home or your craft table!


Check out this super easy way to transfer images onto wood. I have also seen this technique done on fabric or even burlap.


This isn't in English, but there are so many pictures and diagrams, anyone who can crochet can learn.


I am going to try this technique to make hair clips or maybe for a picture frame.


Use this technique to make all sorts of shapes for trays


I am going to try this tutorial but I will probably change it up to make it a little easier, stay tuned!


I may have to go thrift shopping for old 80's and 90's shirts! Any reason for an excuse to go thrifting!





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