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My Top 10 Favorite Apps for Blogging

top 10 best blogging apps

Since I have started this blog, I have learned so much work is required, from text to posting, all the way to social media. In order to streamline and keep your blog full of content, you need a little help to make sure that everything is posted on time, and efficiently. This is where apps come in very handy. Not only do they help make sure you are posting content consistently, but also economical and user friendly.

Canva (website | iOS)

Canva app

Canva is an app that is not only available on your iphone and ipad, but you can create a free account to log in and continue designing on your desktop devices. I love this app, not only because of it's free, but you do not have to be a graphic designer to use it, it comes with tons of free templates to add your own images! You can even pay for some templates, but I have never used them personally.


Wix App (android | iOS)

Wix app

Yes, I am doing a plug for Wix, but in reality, it is a good app to remotely upload your photos and update blog posts. If you use Wix as your web host, do download the app, if not only to upload your images, so that you can post faster and smarter!


Hootsuite: Schedule Posts for Twitter & Instagram (android | iOS)

This app has a free feature, allowing you to schedule posts on up to 3 different social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This one will save you time when you need to share your posts and images.


Microsoft OneNote (android | iOS)

This app is incredibly useful for me, because I like to jot down notes, or take photos when I get inspiration at a moment's notice. This app makes it useful to have all of this in one place, rather than having to go to your notes and photo gallery. Definitely helps with organization for posts for the week and tasks you need to complete.


Pinterest App (android | iOS)

Of course this app will help you easily pin your latest posts for the world to find, but also get inspiration for your blog. Sometimes I build my own boards and use them to make a list post of things I love, kinda like this post!


Wunderlist App (android | iOS)

Not only can you make lists, but you are able to easily share them, which, comes in super handy if you have multiple bloggers on one site. This way, everyone knows what they are posting, or even just to bounce ideas off one another. This app also syncs with your laptop or handheld device.


Google Keep (android | iOS)

With this app, the organization is phenomenal due to the bright use of colors, and even lets you add audio! You can also transcribe the audio, which will make creative writing bloggers very happy. Check it out!


Google Analytics (android | iOS)

One of the most popular analytics apps would be this one. Of course if you are going to make money with your blog, one of the popular choices would be Google Ads. I don't personally do it, but if you have a good amount of traffic, it's something to check out.


Wordpress App (android | iOS)

I used to use this app for my blog, but then switched to Wix because I use Wix for my web hosting now. I do miss Wordpress but like to user-friendly aspects of Wix. If your a developer, you will already know Wordpress is the way to go.


Photo Editor by Aviary (android | iOS)

This is free and very useful to quickly edit your photos on the go. After editing, just post to your blog or social media. There are in app purchases as well, such as different effects packs such as, toy camera, vintage or mustache stickers!





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