My Top 10 Favorite Apps for Blogging

top 10 best blogging apps

Since I have started this blog, I have learned so much work is required, from text to posting, all the way to social media. In order to streamline and keep your blog full of content, you need a little help to make sure that everything is posted on time, and efficiently. This is where apps come in very handy. Not only do they help make sure you are posting content consistently, but also economical and user friendly.

Canva (website | iOS)

Canva app

Canva is an app that is not only available on your iphone and ipad, but you can create a free account to log in and continue designing on your desktop devices. I love this app, not only because of it's free, but you do not have to be a graphic designer to use it, it comes with tons of free templates to add your own images! You can even pay for some templates, but I have never used them personally.

Wix App (android | iOS)