Same You, New Mood! - Vision Board Time!

This past month I was invited to join a friend at a showing of the documentary Made for More Encore featuring Rachel Hollis. Before the movie, I wasn’t very familiar with her work or her books, but with my friend’s promise of an inspirational night out, I gave it a shot.

I have to admit, I cried at one point in the movie. Afterwards we came to the conclusion (thanks to Rachel) that we would give this year our best! So, we made vision boards.

Of course, we grabbed our coworkers' old magazines to start our vision board journey. We both had an idea in mind, I with a more abstract theme. This made it easier to know what words and images to look for in this huge pile! We had everything from catalogs to Money magazine to choose from.

We ended up with, too many magazines actually. We recycled them, of course, once we were done.