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Steps I’m Taking on My Journey to Become a Digital Nomad

Here’s my list of what I am doing to fulfil my dream of becoming a digital nomad! Stay tuned to follow me on my journey. I will share what I learn!

Starting my Virtual Assistant Business:

To have the freedom to travel whenever possible, I must first figure out how to work remotely from anywhere.  During my search, I realize that most remote jobs require you to stay in the United States, due to tax and employment regulations.   I have finally found a few solutions to this issue, one of which is being a Virtual Assistant! 

I am currently still working for my employer, but I am also starting my business in the meantime.  This way I can save up money, while ensuring that I am able to make enough money to support myself with my Virtual Assistant business.  Business name coming soon?

I just completed Hannah Dixon’s 5 Day VA Challenge, which really gave me the confidence to make my introductory video as well as my new Instagram page (lucytravelsabroad – Please head over and follow me.  You can follow me on this journey!)


Building Community Online:

Being a digital nomad, is the style of travel and work life that I have always dreamed of, though I never thought I could give it a try.  I always thought you had to either be born rich, or have the best education, i.e. a college degree, to have the freedom to see the world.  Over the last 6 months, I have watched countless Youtube videos about working remotely and traveling the world.  There are numerous channels, specifically by women of color, dedicated in showing how they live the dream. 

I have joined various Facebook groups for digital nomads.  I also regularly watch the following Youtube channels:

Many of these channels have regular Lives, where you can chat and gain tips from other aspiring nomads.


Researching the Visas that I need for Travel:

I used to work for a company that helped fill out paperwork and expedite visas for US citizens, going abroad for tourism, school, or business, so I am quite aware of the different visas available.  I also know that many of the countries where I wish to slow travel, do not require a tourist visa before I arrive, but I am given a visa on arrival.  Most of the countries that I wish to travel, are in South America and Europe to start. 

So far, the countries that I want to visit first are visa free from 90 days to 180 days, depending on the country.  Once I figure out where I may want to stay put, I will then have to get a temporary or permanent residency visa. 


Setting Financial Goals:

As I have stated earlier, I am keeping my “9 to 5” job, in order to save and ensure that I can support myself.  Before I either quit or negotiate a way to get permission to travel while I work, which I think is highly unlikely, I am starting virtual assistant work, to save up.  I am paying off any old debts and consolidating my credit cards, so that I can have back up funds if I need to fly back to the USA on emergency! 

This is the part that scares me the most with being a digital nomad.  While I can work as much or as little as I want, I also want to make sure that I am able to support myself, even if I have a slow month. I don’t think anyone wants to be in another country with no way to get back home!! So far, many people that I have spoken with in the expat communities, share the same sentiment that you just have to take the leap! 

So, that is what I am doing.  I am taking the next steps!  Are you a digital nomad or are you also on your way to becoming a digital nomad?  Please share your thoughts.  What are some fears that you faced before you set out on this adventure?

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