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Changes Week 3

Check in for progress

Here is an update for my weight loss, among other habits I decided to change.

I have had only 1 cigarette since my last blog post! Pretty damn amazing for going cold turkey. I can't believe I quit, this means so much. I am breathing a little better, but more time will tell. I know it will help with exercise as well.

I tried to use e-cigs, but they just weren't for me. I tried to use them, quite a few times actually, but always ended up just buying real cigarettes eventually. My roommate, Ryan, always uses his. He has been smoke free for months. Good for us!

I have stuck with my diet, with only a few slip ups here and there. Usually on days I mess up, I do more walking and exercise. I have lost 15 pounds total so far.

I have been eating lots of Salmon for dinner, with veggies and then fruit for snacks. I have one protein shake a day as well, but I am still not getting as much as I would like. Then again, I haven't really started weight lifting to build any muscle.

I cannot wait to check back in next month, to see how I am progressing. I can't believe I have had the willpower to lose weight and quit smoking. As time goes on, it does get easier. I actually enjoy my workouts after work.




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