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More of the Best Spanish Language Youtube Channels

Here is part 2 of my favorite ways to learn Spanish with Youtube. If you are learning Spanish, subscribe to these wonderful teachers! Check out part 1 of my favorite ways to learn Spanish with Youtube.

Learn Spanish is the newest channel that I have subscribed to and I am enjoying it so far. Each lesson is made to be utilized by a beginner, so you can really start with any level. The lessons include "Vosotros" so if you are learning Latin American Spanish, this can be confusing. But personally, I want to major in language so learning Vosotros is a must.

Hola Spanish is a channel that helps me with my listening comprehension. The teacher speaks clearly and the topics are useful. I love the lessons on how to improve your listening and speaking skills.

Kendra's Language School contains a variety of language learning videos, including Spanish and Mandarin. I like the Spanish phrase videos, to help with listening comprehension as well as learning key phrases to use later in conversation.

Spanish and Go is another favorite of mine, which is ran by a native and non-native Spanish speaker (kind of like my other favorite channel, Why Not Spanish). They use English and Spanish in their videos and have some entertaining topics and how to obtain fluency.

Are there any channels that you would like to suggest? Comment below. Let's learn Spanish together!





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