More of the Best Spanish Language Youtube Channels

Here is part 2 of my favorite ways to learn Spanish with Youtube. If you are learning Spanish, subscribe to these wonderful teachers! Check out part 1 of my favorite ways to learn Spanish with Youtube.

Learn Spanish is the newest channel that I have subscribed to and I am enjoying it so far. Each lesson is made to be utilized by a beginner, so you can really start with any level. The lessons include "Vosotros" so if you are learning Latin American Spanish, this can be confusing. But personally, I want to major in language so learning Vosotros is a must.

Hola Spanish is a channel that helps me with my listening comprehension. The teacher speaks clearly and the topics are useful. I love the lessons on how to improve your listening and speaking skills.

Kendra's Language School contains a variety of language learning videos, including Spanish and Mandarin. I like the Spanish phrase videos, to help with listening comprehension as well as learning key phrases to use later in conversation.